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Talks (Page 3)

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We are called to be faithful.

Today David takes us on a journey highlight the way God has worked through peoples faithfulness in the past and hoe e can work through our faithfulness now.


Steve speaks on the subject of Heaven and answers these questions: Where is it? Who is there? What’s is it like? Who gets to go there? How do I get there?

Thanks Keith!

Peter reminds us of all that Christ did for us on the cross and challenges husbands in particular to love their wives as Christ did the church and gave Himself up for her. What Christ did for us had nothing to do with our performance. He just loved us! We should have that same attitude!

Good Friday

As we remember the death of our Saviour, we also need to remember His resurrection and His continuing presence with us. Andrew Murray said “A dead Christ I must do everything for, a living Christ does everything for me.” Are you living your life as though CHRIST IS RISEN or are you acting as though He is still dead?


When asked what the most secure foundation to build our lives on he answer is obviously Jesus. But it may need more information that that. It’s not just a religious recognition of a person but a personal relationship with Him. God vales relationships, Genesis 1-3 outlines how much He values relationships and the consequences of breaking them.

Prayer, “Our Father…”

Last week we looked at the 7 “I Am” statement of Jesus as a framework to understand and know Him better. Jesus only ever pointed to one other place than Himself, to His father. The early church really valued prayer, the immersed everything they did in it. The reason they valued prayer so much was because Jesus taught them how to pray. To do this He used a framework to highlight the different roles that God has in our lives,…