Sermons on Prayer

Sermons on Prayer

Prayer, “Our Father…”

Last week we looked at the 7 “I Am” statement of Jesus as a framework to understand and know Him better. Jesus only ever pointed to one other place than Himself, to His father. The early church really valued prayer, the immersed everything they did in it. The reason they valued prayer so much was because Jesus taught them how to pray. To do this He used a framework to highlight the different roles that God has in our lives,…

The Supremacy of Christ – Prayer and Wisdom.

The  reason that prayer works is that Christ is Supreme! Remember the old quote – “One week without prayer makes one weak, two weeks without prayer makes one too weak.” Let’s devote ourselves to prayer and remember that prayer is communication with God and communication builds that love relationship.

The Power of Prayer

Keith challenges the church to be available to God by being involved in the valuable ministry of prayer – both in private and in groups.
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