Sermons by Steve Ballin (Page 7)

Sermons by Steve Ballin (Page 7)

Love s a Verb – Sober View

This week Steven uses Romans 12:3 to highlight the inflated and deflated views we often have of ourselves. Presenting the answer to both these issues is understanding and experiencing the Love, Grace & Faith God has given us.

Incarnation Week 3

Following Jesus means following the patterns we see in Jesus’ life. this week we use the story of Zacchaeus to highlight a pattern in Jesus’ life that flows our of his incarnation.

The Incarnation Week 2

This week Steven starts of looking at the work Jesus did on the cross and why that was possible because of the incarnation but highlights a danger if we stop there. The incarnation of God in Jesus was greater than just providing a sacrifice. The through his incarnation life Jesus reviled to us the face of God and gave us a pattern/standard to live by.

The Hope of the Resurrection

In this message we look at 1 Corinthians 15. Paul presented the foundation of our faith as Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We examine the hope and power and life transformation that come from this good news!

Heaven on Earth

In these uncertain times we have a privilege, like John the Baptist, to announce that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.