Sermons by Steve Ballin (Page 7)

Sermons by Steve Ballin (Page 7)

The Hope of the Resurrection

In this message we look at 1 Corinthians 15. Paul presented the foundation of our faith as Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We examine the hope and power and life transformation that come from this good news!

Heaven on Earth

In these uncertain times we have a privilege, like John the Baptist, to announce that the Kingdom of Heaven is near.

The Vine and the Branches.

Steve speaks from John 15:1-8. His challenge to us is – “Don’t focus on the fruit; abide in the Vine.” As the branches we need to get our nutrients from the Vine. God’s pruning may be difficult but it is necessary if we are to be fruitful. We need to invest in our relationship with Jesus!

#6 Discipleship – Following Jesus

Reading from Acts 8, we see that Phillip was living out his relationship with Christ. He was listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit; he was so responsive and obedient to God’s voice that the Ethiopian eunuch became a disciple of Christ also.

#1 Discipleship – Following Jesus

Steve speaks from Luke 5:1-11, the passage where Peter was challenged to follow Jesus. Religion says ‘change and you can join us’. Jesus says ‘Follow me and you will change’.  The quickest road to, and the best indicator of, intimacy with God is not knowledge or time, but trust. Will you TRUST Jesus? Will you FOLLOW Jesus?