Sermons by Chris Symmons

Sermons by Chris Symmons

Ephesians 2

This week Chris takes us through the transformational work Jesus has done in each of us.

Incarnation Week 5

This week Chris takes on the story of the woman caught in adultery and looks at how God incarnate loves each person involved.

The Good Life

From Psalm 1, Chris shows that “A Good Life” – a life that is truly blessed, comes from delighting in the Law of the Lord. Instead of drifting away from God or ignoring Him, we will find joy and strength as we focus on the Lord, drinking in His ‘living water’, just like a tree flourishing beside the riverbank!

#3 Discipleship

Chris speaks from Eph 4 noting that Discipleship means striving for maturity as Christ’s body. To this end, we are called to unity and to use our gifts to build up the church.