Rural Contractors’ Scheme

Rural Contractors’ Scheme

The innovative Rural Contractors’ Scheme offers practical financial assistance to contract workers and graziers affected by severe drought conditions in western Queensland.

To reduce operating expenses during times of drought, many graziers personally take on tasks that they would usually outsource to contractors. This can take a heavy physical and mental toll on them and their families.

In turn, work for many contractors becomes scarce. Many find themselves having to source alternate jobs, travel outside the area to find work, or do it very tough until it rains.

Since its inception in 2015, the Scheme has helped fund contracting work such as earthmoving to de-silt dams, fencing, mustering, shearing, crutching and feeding stock. The Scheme offers a genuine incentive for graziers to employ contractors in spite of tough economic circumstances, and enables contractors to “earn” their money in a way that maintains their sense of pride, and to maintain work contacts.

A win-win for contractors, graziers and communities

  • Contractors benefit from the creation of additional work which can be difficult to source during drought.
  • Graziers benefit from having the cost of work on their property offset by 40%, up to the value of $4000 per year, Scheme funds permitting, capped at $1000 per invoice.
  • Western Queensland communities benefit from retaining contractors – retaining vital skills and trades in the area for when the drought breaks, retaining spending with local businesses, and keeping children in the region’s schools.

Read more about how the scheme has benefitted contractors and graziers in this article from the ABC.

How the Scheme works

  • Longreach Baptist Church (LBC) administers funds received through donations
  • A contractor registers with the scheme by completing this form.
  • Once approval is granted from LBC, the contractor advises clients of financial assistance available to reduce costs
  • The contractor undertakes work, invoices client for 60% of the cost and sends a copy of the invoice (including the client’s contact details) to LBC for payment of the remaining 40%
  • To maintain accountability for donors, LBC carries out random checks with contractors’ clients to ensure invoices are valid

Donate now to make a difference!

Please use the following details to make a direct deposit to support the scheme. All donations go directly to the scheme – all administration costs are covered by LBC.

Account name: Longreach Baptist Church

BSB: 704913

Account Number: 400017505

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